It’s not everyday that you see two legends from different career avenues coming together to hang out. After a recent show, Joe had that opportunity with NY Yankees baseball legend David Wells, spending time outside of the tour bus having great conversations about guitars, baseball, music, and gear.


David even brought a guitar with him that he wanted Joe to sign—a 1956 Gibson Les Paul Standard that was originally owned by Carlos Santana! Needless to say, we know that David Wells is definitely a fan of the blues with the signatures that were sprawled all over the body of that guitar: Buddy Guy, Les Paul, B.B. King, and unsurprisingly, Carlos Santana himself. Of course, Joe being the guitar nerd he is had to check it out.


Afterwards, he signs his name near B.B. King’s signature. While David doesn’t play an instrument, music has been a major influence, helping him cope with the pressures of baseball—even known for blasting Metallica in the locker rooms!

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