Joe Bonamassa NEVER contacts ANY fans using social media!

Because of rampant scammers claiming to be Joe, he stopped contacting fans directly years ago.
Anyone claiming they are the real Joe on some other unverified account is lying to you.

Don't trust ANYONE asking you about:
Tickets, VIP, Meet & Greets, Crypto, Gift Cards or Donations!

No one from Joe’s staff will ever message fans on Facebook/Instagram/etc or any other social site to sell them something or make a donation. 


For official tickets, click here: https://jbonamassa.com/tour-dates

To donate to Joe’s foundation, click here: https://keepingthebluesalive.org/

Don't trust anyone claiming to be Joe's Staff, Manager or Family!

Joe’s manager will never reach out to fans. Joe’s staff will not try to contact you and if they need to, they’ll look up your email and/or phone number from the customer database, they will not try to contact you on social media or a google voice cell phone number.

Joe does not have any "personal" or "friend/family" accounts!

Scammers with fake unverified accounts that don’t have the blue checkmark will claim that their fake account is a special one they use to talk to fans. This is a common trick. Also, don’t believe accounts that make their profile picture a blue checkmark.

Much like the old email scams, modern con-artists use Facebook (as well as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc) to duplicate celebrity’s profiles and play the part until they ask you for money, or some other assistance (eventually they will ask you for money).


This is a problem that almost every celebrity has to deal with, from Sports Heroes to Movie Stars, Politicians and especially Musicians.

News report about Scammers pretending to be Kid Rock: http://www.clickondetroit.com/consumer/ruth-to-the-rescue/con-artists-reach-out-through-facebook


We at J&R Adventures, Joe Bonamassa’s official record label, are saddened and angered that we had to create this page, but con-artists will never stop, and though we work closely with Facebook to kill fake accounts, scammers will create them as quickly as we delete them.

We report and kill at least 10 fake accounts per day, but we need your help. You MUST help Joe report these fake accounts. The more people report them, the faster they are taken down.


If you're looking at a fake profile, simply hit the 3 dot button and REPORT the fake account to Facebook.