Bonnie Raitt – Still Shining In The Spotlight!

Why people like Bonnie Raitt and her music?

What makes people like Bonnie Raitt and her music? Well, one thing, she always surrounds herself with great songwriters and musicians. She’s a badass slide guitar player! And she can make her guitar moan just as good as any of the old school blues players past and present.

She did her homework when it comes to playing and learning the blues. At sixty-nine, she still continues to shine!

Her music and fans

Bonnie’s personality and sincerity are what wins people over in addition to her music. She’s not pretentious and when it comes to her music and guitar playing. She has an uncanny way of interpreting each song and how it should be perceived and appreciated.

While Raitt’s musical repertoire suggests that she’s not always been lucky in love, she’s always had a long-term love affair with her fans. They have supported her through the good bad and ugly. 

A champion for great American music.

She’s a champion for great American music. She has delved into classic blues, folk, R&B grooves and other styles depending on whatever she’s currently working on. She paved the way for future generations of singers and songwriters. She’s a role model for a lot of artists, musicians and fans.  

“Out of the worst thing came the best thing.” Bonnie Raitt

Raitt fell into a rough patch during her career. She had a record scheduled to come out in 1983 and a tour with Stevie Ray Vaughan. Just as she was about to prep for all of this, her label Warner Bros. dropped her. Through trials and tribulations, she found her Cinderella story by way of Capitol Records and the album “Nick of Time.”  She was told by the label, that she wasn’t going to get a lot of money for the project. So, just make a record that you want!  And she did… 

It was Raitt’s 10th studio album, but her first to crack the Billboard 200’s top 25. Over nearly 20 years, she’d gone from prodigy college dropout to undeniable live performer. Someone, whose recorded catalog was filled with uncompromising roots music and major label attempts to channel her obvious gifts into pop success.

At the very moment when that seemed the least likely, the impossible happened. The right artist made the right album at the right time.  A critical darling who had flirted with the musical mainstream for decades. She made a classic praise to the trials and benefits of aging that was bold and approachable at once. Something we can all relate to!

She’s still performing and working on projects. She’ll also be the support act for Mark Knopfler at Madison Square Garden on September 25, 2019.

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