Cheap Trick -Classic Rock Icons

With a common love for British guitar rock, blues rock, and punk. Rick Nielsen and bassist Tom Petersson worked together in the band Fuse. Furthermore, they release one album in 1969 before dissolving. Nielsen and Petersson continued working together in several different bands until they team up with drummer Bun E. Carlos and vocalist Robin Zander to form the definitive lineup of Cheap Trick in 1975.

Little did they know what would happen next! But one thing holds true, playing live is what the band’s foundation is built on and what they do best! With more than 3,700 shows and 20 million albums sold. They’re all right! As well as one of the hardest-working bands on the tour circuit.

Starting off, they used to joke about the being “The most popular opening act in the world. But sometimes they were better than the headliners. Needless to say, when they became the headliners, they paid it forward by introducing newer bands to a lot of their fans.


Live at Budokan

In February of 1979 their crowning achievement, “Live at Budokan”, settled in for a yearlong stay on the American charts, peaking at Number Four. The album’s single, “I Want You to Want Me,” also made it to the Top Ten. Later that year, Cheap Trick’s next release, “Dream Police”, soars to number six in the United States.

Shortly after, the group takes a break during which all of the band members, except Petersson, contributes to John Lennon’s 1980 Double Fantasy sessions in New York. The 1980s leave the band with departures (Petersson) as well as lawsuits with the label. Basically, the 80s were not looking up for the band. But they did release “All Shook Up”, “One on One”, “Next Position Please” and “Standing on the Edge”. Despite all the chaos.


Lap of Luxury

Two things happen for the band in 1983, first they release a new album Lap of Luxury. Giving them the number one hit “The Flame” which is a ballad but also on this album is an Elvis Presley cover “Don’t Be Cruel and the return of Petersson. With the success of this album, they do a headline tour for this album.


Live At Budokan II

Besides working on “Live at Budokan II”, the band’s music has been featured on many movie soundtracks. Robin Zander takes time off to do a solo album and a duet with catches back up with the band for their tour of Japan. Where they have a huge following.

Flash Forward

After all the chaos happening in the world, the band had to deal with the pandemic just like the rest of us. That being said, the band manages to record another new album titled “In Amother World” their twentieth studio album that released on April 19th 2021. Also, they’re getting ready to get out and tour on their own and several dates with Rod Stewart. So be sure to check them out live and get back to the norm. Enjoy!