Cousin Harley – Rockabilly Rebels!

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the band Cousin Harley has a little bit of something for everyone! Touted as the “Motorhead of Rockabilly” I can totally see this and a whole lot more! They obviously teeter on the edge of many genres and they’re also bad-ass musicians.

On their website, their musical style is Hot-rod Rockabilly mixed with country, blues, bebop jazz, cowpunk and a can of whoop-ass for good measure. All I can say is that you’ll have blast seeing this band live. Even more, you’ll need the alcohol to keep yourself going from all the dancing! 

The Band That Gets The Party Rockin’

The ringleader that leads the band, is guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Paul Pigat. The other sensational members of the band include Keith Picot on double bass and Jesse Cahill. Pigat is a “guitarist’s guitar player” and when he’s not shaking things up with Cousin Harley.

He also serves as a studio musician backing a variety of well-known artists. Needless to say, his fingerpicking skills are top notch as well as his strong technical skills! Mainly because he’s also a trained jazz guitarist. Furthermore, both Picot and Cahill come from jazz backgrounds giving Cousin Harley a bit more virtuosity to take things over the top if the situation calls for it. 

Needless to say, these guys have been around various music scenes and know how to keep things going. Also, Just so you know, the name Cousin Harley is also the alter ego of Paul Pigat. 

Cousin Harley’s 7th release

Let’s Go! Is the title track for Cousin Harley’s 7th release! Ready for some real fun? Well buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life with ‘Let’s Go!’ Not only does this album offer up a little something for everyone, but again it really showcases their musical talent. Furthermore, they recorded the album in Vancouver, Canada, at the Afterlife Studios during the spring of 2020.

Despite the pandemic and everything else being closed down, they got the job done once again. With the swanky laid back track ‘Right Back with the Blues” you get a great upbeat song. With bits of snarky swagger, country moments and a “it is what it is” kind of attitude. Reminiscent of “King of the Road.”

Let’s Go! takes us straight to metal heaven with a rockabilly twist, hard guitars and smashing drums without making your ears bleed. Definitely a track that will get you moving and worthy of a “hell yeah” and a lighter in the air!

With “El Swartho’s Big Adventure” you go back to those endless summer days of beach parties and surf music and not a care in the world. I digress! “Rained like Hell” sounds like very reminiscent of a Johnny Cash song but more guitar and drums but still in the same lane.

I’m stopping here because I want you to see for yourself how great these guys are as a band and give you the opportunity to explore their music on your own. Enjoy!