Cowboy Mouth – Crescent City Rockers

Cowboy Mouth – Crescent City Rockers

Cowboy Mouth – They’re Crescent City’s Favorite homegrown rockers; that tour constantly. And once you see the band live, you will never be the same again!  But for over two decades, Cowboy Mouth has been tearing up stages with their rowdy mix of rock & roll gumbo splashed with a touch of “whoop ass” musicianship. They also don’t like to be pushed into the corner under one particular genre either. 

So, just realistically speaking go see them alive and enjoy the ride! Their performances are like watching a Mardi Gras parade, it’s a wave of great music that takes you on a wonderful mind-blowing experience. Sometimes, you’re not even sure where you are, but you know you had a great time!  Even more interesting is that a drummer can be the lead singer  and he is awesome!

Transitions And Mutations

This band has gone through a lot of transitions with labels, personal issues, and each of the members coming and going at times working on their own projects. They’ve also had to deal with natural disasters and more.  But like all great bands, you stand up and you brush yourself off and forge ahead. 

And that’s what they have done.  When it comes to seeing them live, it’s like you’re going to a church of rock. Praying on various rock gods of the past. Easily recognizing what inspires this band, You have rock, punk, grunge, blues and more! And hanging out at the pulpit is Frank Leblanc singing vocals while banging the hell out of his drum-set.

Sounds Crazy? Why Yes It Is!

But it’s part of the show. As well as the call and response kind of intro because if the crowd isn’t ready for the show he’ll call you out on it. Obviously in a good way! In fact, sometimes there’s even hugging the stranger next to you. Which for some fans has become a ritual.  While this may sound a little insane, they have die-hard fans that love them for this reason.

“Our shows are celebratory, life-affirming experiences,” LeBlanc says proudly. “With every show, no matter where it is, we try to turn it into New Orleans during the middle of Mardi Gras. It’s an unique live concert experience. It’s like a southern gospel revival without the religion.”

The Band of Road Warriors

Since the band’s inception, LeBlanc has shared that stage with guitarist John Thomas Griffith (formerly of the band Red Rockers and singer / co-writer of their hit song “China”). Now backed by bandmates Matt Jones on guitar and Brian Broussard on bass.

LeBlanc and Griffith have led Cowboy Mouth on a wild, critically-acclaimed ride, selling more than 500,000 albums domestically, playing shows with artists like Bo Diddley (whose bluesy, beat-driven music has always been a big influence on Cowboy Mouth’s own sound), and performing in front of more than 9 million fans.

Back in 2006, I interviewed Fred Leblanc and I have to say that after this interview for their album, Voodoo Shoppe, I’ve been a major fan of this band ever since.

They’re not about being popular, they’re just being themselves and having fun while doing it.  And isn’t that what all of us want?  To listen to great music and have fun? Stay tuned…MS

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