Danielle Nicole – Bass Powered Blues

Danielle Nicole – Kansas City blues

Danielle Nicole starts out her musical career as a member of the Kansas City Blues Rock band “Trampled Under Foot”. Performing with her brothers Kris and Nick she obviously has no problems handling the vocals while playing the bass. Although she enjoys performing as a band, she decides it time to step out on her own and expand her horizons.

In 2015, signed by Concord Records, she brings on Anders Osborne to help produce and record her debut solo album. “Wolf Den” releases and features Anders Osborne. As well as Galactic’s co-founding drummer Stanton Moore and keyboardist Mike Sedovic. Her powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence plays a major role in her success.

From Bass to Best Instrumentalist

Nicole’s distinctive, inventive bass work, resulted in her becoming the first woman to win the Blues Foundation’s 2014 Blues Music Award for Best Instrumentalist. Playing the bass is the product of years of intensive roadwork. Although she had no experience with the instrument when she became “Trampled Under Foot’s” bassist, now she can’t imagine life without it.

The Comparisons

With comparisons to Etta James and Susan Tedeschi, I can see why people would say this. She’s got the swagger and the vocal range to raise the roof in any venue she performs at. Furthermore, she can play a mean bass, which makes her a true bad ass! To truly appreciate what she brings to the table, you really have to experience her and the band live.

Live Performances & Beyond

Since most bands and musicians are currently off and not touring. You can still check out their social media sites. For example, the Danielle Nicole band has been streaming live at home performances for fans to watch. So check them out on Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube. Or you can stream them as well.

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