The Carnegie Battle Axes

1978 Gallagher Doc Watson

Doc Watson was a multi-Grammy Award winning blues, country, and folk guitarist. He is also one of Joe Bonamassa’s favorite acoustic players. After playing a Gallagher acoustic for over six years, Watson collaborated with luthier J.W. Gallagher to make the first ‘Doc Watson Model’ in 1974 during the height of his influence. This gorgeous guitar has a warm and booming tone thanks to the mahogany wood back and sides and solid Sitka-wood top. Joe can be seen strumming this beauty on a few tunes at Carnegie Hall. “One of the unknown signature guitars by a great unknown company for a great legendary artist.” – JB

1950 Martin D-18

C.F. Martin & Co. is the most recognizable acoustic guitar brand on the market. The signature deep and powerful tones that resonate from the instrument are unmatched. The large bodied dreadnought, D-18 is a popular Martin model that has been in production since 1934. Joe remembers purchasing his D-18 in a small guitar shop called Peate’s Music House. As a kid, Joe used to frequent the shop that was located in his hometown of Utica, New York. “It is fun to see a guitar come full circle and be onstage at Carnegie Hall.” – JB

1947 Martin 000-28

Besides the dreadnought, another popular model of the Martin line is the 000 series. The 000-28 has an Auditorium body shape which is a smaller, contoured bodied guitar. This shape tends to be more form fitting and comfortable for players. Don’t let the smaller size fool you. These guitars pack a powerful punch and are very versatile instruments. Joe’s 1947 000-28 or “Uncle Jake” is another member of the family that Is featured on the Carnegie stage. “The guitar originated in New Jersey. It would be a very valuable guitar if it wasn't for the folk art. To me ... Its more valuable the way it is.” - JB