Foreigner – Still Rocking The Charts

Foreigner – Top Selling Artists of Rock

Foreigner is Anthem rock at its best! While some anthem rock bands come and go over the years, these guys are still rocking on. Let’s face it, if “Juke Box Hero” doesn’t motivate you to conquer the obstacles in your life. Then I commend you…because the force is strong in you! 

Whether it was the 8-track that finally disintegrated in your muscle car from playing it so much or your bedroom getting destroyed from your righteous air guitar playing. Those of us that know the music of Foreigner, we have memories of seeing them live and on the radio.

Tours & Catalog Sales & Streaming

Hailed as one of the most popular rock acts in the world. With ten multi-platinum albums and sixteen Top 30 hits. Foreigner is one of the most popular rock acts in the world. Their musical catalog  continues to sell out tours, creates album sales and now streaming! Their sales, tours and streaming exceeds to about 80 million+.

With all the many avenues as well as classic rock radio, this band has managed to keep their momentum going. Sure the names and faces have changed over time but their musical legacy is still going strong for newer generations. 

Early Beginnings of The Band

Mick Jones came to America from Britain during the mid-70s, with Spooky Tooth (Evil Woman!) which was a band that had no boundaries, just a pure raw sound. Then, he was a part of the Leslie West Band. Another wow factor (Mississippi Queen). Then, Foreigner comes into play a few other players and Ian McDonald of King Crimson and then the voice of Lou Gramm. Magic is about to happen!

They were a hit right out of the gate with their debut album in 1977, and they didn’t stop being a hit making machine over the several years. Whether they were in the studio, stage or on the road. The hits kept coming. Their first six albums sold 50 million copies worldwide.

Mick Jones & Lou Gramm Solo Side Projects

In the late 1980s both Mick Jones and Lou Gramm start working on solo projects for Atlantic. Gramm releases “Ready or Not” on January 1987. Shortly after its release, rehearsals for the next Foreigner album start and then came to a halt. The reason being, Gramm isn’t sure if he wants to stay because his solo career is taking off. But after his solo tour dates were over, he rejoins Foreigner in the studio for Inside Information. In August 1989, Gramm follows up with his second solo release, Long Hard Look. In May 1990, he leaves the group while promoting his latest solo project opening for the Steve Miller Band.

With a successful hit called “Midnight Blue”, he forms the short-lived “Shadow king”. They release one album. After an MRI, Lou Gramm receives a diagnosis of a brain tumor and goes to the hospital. After recovering, in 1999, Gramm rejoined Foreigner along with bassist Bruce Turgon. Along with a pal of Gramm’s from their days in the group “Black Sheep”, drummer Brian Tichy. Lastly, keyboard player Jeff Jacobs and saxophone player/guitarist Thom Gimbel.  In 2003, Gramm leaves again to work on a Christian rock album in 2009. In 2018, Lou Gramm retires on stage in Schenectady, New York that he is officially retiring. But said that he would record in the studio and occasionally play live. 

Foreigner with Kelly Hansen

At Foreigner’s core is the founder and Songwriters Hall of Fame member Mick Jones. A visionary maestro whose stylistic songwriting, indelible guitar hooks and multi-layered talents continue to escalate Foreigner’s influence. While, guiding the band to new horizons. Reforming the band after a 2002 hiatus. He selects lead singer Kelly Hansen to help him write an inspired new chapter in the history of Foreigner. One of rock’s greatest showmen, Hansen is known for his innate ability to connect with the crowds.

As a front man and lead vocalist, Hansen is among the most respected, consummate professionals in rock and roll. With a 35-year career that spans almost every area of music. As the lead vocalist to producing, engineering, Kelly has the ability to advance and excel when faced with new challenges. Mick also brought in bassist Jeff Pilson, multi-instrumentalist Tom Gimbel, guitarist Bruce Watson, Michael Bluestein on keyboards. As well as Chris Frazier on drums. An unprecedented new level of energy lead the group to a re-emergence of astounding music that speaks to long time Foreigner fans and younger generations. Still coming to a town near you!

I want to Know What Love is

“I want to know what love is?” Whew! Don’t we all? With this gut wrenching tune, you just want to reach out and hug somebody. This power ballad got a lot of people through some tough times! But let me tell you it’s a great track to sit back and drink your woes away while banging your hand on the table yelling Yes! I do want to know!

Seriously though, you have Mick Jones playing a heavy laid out ballad with the keyboards and then. The loud crescendo of the New Jersey Mass choir as well as Jennifer Holiday who also backs up Lou Gramm with the vocals. The outcome is an uplifting song that makes you see a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. Like it or not, Lou Gramm sang the hell out of this song.

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