"How important is this to you and do you think that it opens new avenues, or do you think the times have changed enough to where it’s not as important?"

"Josh and I, we just like the music; we like producing records for people we like and think are talented, that deserve a shot, some marketing behind them, and a “real” record—that’s why we do it! It’s certainly not for the money, it’s certainly not for any award that could be bequeathed upon thee, it’s just something that we do out of the pure love of it!"

Joe Bonamassa joins the Blues Rock Show to discuss venturing into producing, artists signed to his Keeping the Blues Alive Record label, music documentaries, technology changes in the music business and the biggest pivot that’s caused in the past five years, plus his famous guitar safaris and details regarding his next album. Grab a cold beverage, sit back and enjoy the show!

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