In Focus: Joe Bonamassa At Shea’s In Buffalo

“It seems like Joe’s ability to play the guitar somehow evolves and improves at every show he plays.” – Kailey Gyorffy

On February 28, Joe Bonamassa performed at the historic Shea’s Performing Arts Center in Buffalo. Two fans shared their thoughts from the show, accompanied by photos by Zachary Todtenhagen.

“Since opening for B.B. King at age 12, Joe Bonamassa has continued to grow and display his unparalleled guitar skills. Out of the 16 shows I’ve seen, Joe always has a unique theme: 70’s funk, big band, old time blues, etc. The show on Tuesday, February 28th was reminiscent of good old rock and roll. Joe played a bunch of new songs with some of his older hits mixed in.

The crowd was whooping and hollering when “Dust Bowl” was played, and everyone was on their feet for the encore, “Sloe Gin”. It seems like Joe’s ability to play the guitar somehow evolves and improves at every show he plays, keeping the audience surprised, entertained, and always coming back for more.” – Kailey Gyorffy.

“My uncle first introduced my mother and I to Joe Bonamassa about a year before this show. He played a show at The Tralf that I unfortunately missed. When I heard he was coming back to Buffalo–and to Shea’s–I knew it was a show I couldn’t miss. My mom took me to the show for my birthday with my brother. The music was comforting. It brought me back to the time I was young, and covered me with a warm blanket. A time when I was picking my parent’s brains for that quality old school rock and roll, blues, you name it. If I had to compare this to anything, it would be that. A feeling of what it was like to be alive through the 70’s.

He busted out beautiful guitar after beautiful guitar and had some really great banter in between. His stage presence was one of experience and confidence. Joe used that presence to bring you in closer, rather than intimidate, with fun body movements, gestures, and words. It was definitely one of those shows that you wish never stopped, but end up saying ‘WOW That went fast.” – Doug Recore

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