You don’t want to over-engineer a guitar that it plays perfectly and nothing bugs you about it because sometimes the fight is where the magic happens.

On a summer tour supporting his Time Clocks album, Joe Bonamassa unveils some new 6-strings and old favorites, and plays through what’s arguably the most covetable collection of onstage tube amps ever assembled.


There were some new members of Bonamassa’s ever-growing-and-shrinking collection of gear pressed into service, including some recent-arrival Les Pauls, of course, and perhaps the most covetable collection of historic badass amps ever played on the Ryman stage.


But rareness, novelty, or familiarity isn’t what determines which toys come out to play. Bonamassa starts by building a rough set list, and then chooses the right instrument and amps for each song. So, watch, look, and listen!

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