KTBA Records is the next step for Bonamassa in the evolution of music and the business of creating it. It represents Joe’s continuing efforts, spanning the last 25 years, in support of the artistic community. It reflects the philosophy of paying it forward just as so many did for him in the hope of paving the way for blues artists in the future. Visit for further information.

New Studio Album 'Time Clocks'

“His new sound has a raw and vital flavour, combined with a resolute skill that can only be gained through years of perseverance and unyielding dedication. It’s Joe Bonamassa at his finest, ready to rock.” – Blues Matters

Dion - Stomping Ground

“Dion, like a circling star that never fades, generates the energy and fire we need to pull ourselves up and start again. – Pete Townshend

Joanne Shaw Taylor - The Blues Album

“Joanne finds new fire in her playing – the guitar on the opening track, Peter Green’s Stop Messin’ Round, is white hot, and the album doesn’t disappoint from there on in.” – Guitarist Magazine, 9/10

Joanna Connor - 4801 South Indiana Avenue

“Joanna Connor has truly hit the bullseye. She’s created a masterpiece which takes the Blues at grassroots level and redefines it into an emotional, powerful monster of an album that confirms Connor’s place in the halls of the Blues elite. This is destined to be a future classic.” – Metal Planet Music

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