Phoebe Bridgers – Indie Rock Muse

Phoebe Bridgers – Indie Rock Muse 

Phoebe Bridgers is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer from Los Angeles, California. She starts playing guitar and writing songs at age eleven. She made her solo debut with the studio album “Stranger in the Alps”, followed by “Punisher” 2020, which really earns Bridgers widespread critical acclaim and four Grammy Award nominations, including Best New Artist. To describe her best I would say that she teeters between Indie rock and Folk.


Often centering around the acoustic guitar, while incorporating atmospheric strings, production, and electronic instrumentation. Her music has been described as “anxious”, “melancholy”, and “haunting”. Her influences are Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley among others.  I came across her when she was performing with Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and the indie rock band Boygenius. 



While in school, Bridgers is a member of various groups, and frequently plays shows around Los Angeles as a solo act. With her sad dreamy songs and entertaining and witty observations about general things, you can’t help but be entertained by her songs and music in general.  As crazy as it seems, people from all walks of life appreciates what she brings to the table.


All though she releases several singles It’s really not until she releases her album “Stranger in the Alps”, which arrives later that September of 2018. With her music being played in movies, and television as well as her performances on NPR’s Tiny Desk Series which are great! She even performed at Carnegie Hall in early 2020 before the beginning of the global pandemic for a benefit show.  


In 2018, Bridgers garners even more widespread acclaim with the release of the Boygenius EP, a collaborative effort with fellow indie songwriters Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus. At this point, Bridgers is a critical darling, with her albums receiving rave reviews across various channels.


2019 brings on more collaboration and new music with Conor Oberst when they co-lead the band Better Oblivion Community Center which truly highlights their chemistry when it comes to collaborating on projects. Their combined vocals and songwriting skills are over the top!


The Metallica Blacklist 

Bridgers is also a part of the Metallica Blacklist project which celebrates the enduring influence of Metallica with 50+ artists spanning a vast range of genres, generations, cultures, continents and more! Each contributing their own unique interpretation of their favorite song from the album. Below is her vocal version of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters”. Which she gives us a baroque/classical take on it. Check it out below.


Savior Complex which is a song on her “Punisher” Album, which kind of takes a slightly darker turn which she wrote about the ups and downs of a relationship of dealing with her own personality.  The song talks about a person who experiences a “savior complex”  it pretty much characterizes a person that feels the need to save other people.  


As well as actively seeking out those in need to assist them. While it may sound positive, this can lead to the “savior” using it as an outlet to avoid their own problems and the other individual can struggle to take ownership over their own actions. There’s articles where she talks about this song came to life from a dream she had.  Below is a live performance on the Tonight Show.


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