September 20th – 27 – Week In Rock

September 20th – 27 – Week In Rock

Trivia Answer:

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” written and performed by Bobby McFerrin is the first a cappella song to reach #1. On the Billboard Hot 100 list. September 24, 1988

September 20th – 27 – BORN THIS WEEK 

John Panozzo – September 20, 1948 (drummer, Styx)
Chuck Panozzo – September 20, 1948 (bass, Styx)
Leonard Cohen – September 21, 1934
Don Felder – September 21, 1947 (guitar, The Eagles)
Liam Gallagher – September 21, 1972 (Singer, Oasis)
David Coverdale – September 22, 1949 (singer, Whitesnake /deep purple)

Happy Birthday Joan Jett!

Joan Jett – September 22, 1958 (guitar and vocals, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts)
John Coltrane – September 23, 1926 (pivotal jazz sax player)
Ray Charles – September 23, 1930 (singer-songwriter, musician and composer) 
Roy Buchanan – September 23, 1939 (telecaster pioneer)
Bruce Springsteen – September 23, 1949

Happy Birthday Linda McCartney!

Linda McCartney – September 24, 1941 (vocals and keyboards, Wings)
Steve Mackay – September 25, 1949 (sax, The Stooges)
Bryan Ferry – September 26, 1945 (vocals and keyboards, Roxy Music)
Craig Chaquico – September 26, 1954 (Guitar, Jefferson Starship)
Earring George Mayweather – September 27, 1927 (blues harmonica)

Happy Birthday Randy Bachman

Randy Bachman – September 27, 1943 (vocals and guitar, The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
Meat Loaf – September 27, 1947 (rock vocalist)

September 20th – 27 – DIED THIS WEEK

Jim Croce – September 20, 1973 (singer-songwriter)
Jaco Pastorius – September 21, 1987 (jazz bassist)
Boz Burrell – September 21, 2006 (bass, King Crimson/Bad Company)
Eddie Fisher, American singer – September 22, 2010 (Singer)
Etta Baker – September 23, 2006 (Piedmont blues guitarist)
John Bonham – September 25, 1980 (drums, Led Zeppelin)
Bessie Smith – September 26, 1937 (blues vocalist
Shawn Lane – September 26, 2003 (rock guitarist)
Cliff Burton – September 27, 1986 (bass, Metallica)


David Bowie’s “Fame” hits #1 – September 20, 1975
The Who’s LP Who Are You is certified gold – September 20, 1978
Jimi Hendrix, “All Along The Watchtower” releases on September 21, 1968.
“Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” by Barry White hits number 1 on September 21, 1974.
Nirvana releases their album “In Utero”. September 21, 1993.
The Band’s self-titled album releases September 22, 1969.

Steely Dan Releases Aja!

Steely Dan releases Aja – September 23, 1977.
Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be The Day” hits #1 – September 23, 1957.
The Doors, “People Are Strange” releases September 23, 1967.
“Bridges to Babylon” by the Rolling Stones releases September 23, 1997.

Elvis Releases Jailhouse Rock!

Elvis’s hit song “Jailhouse Rock” releases as a single September 24, 1957.
Styx, “Come Sail Away” releases September 24, 1977.
The Eagles, The Long Run releases September 24, 1979.
Nirvana’s iconic record “Nevermind” releases September 24, 1991.
Red Hot Chili Peppers release “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” – September 24, 1991.

“Goats Head Soup” Goes Gold!

“Goats Head Soup” by the Rolling Stones goes Gold on September 25, 1973.
The Kinks, “You Really Got Me” releases September 26, 1964.
The Beatles’ “Abbey Road releases September 26, 1969.
John Lennon releases his album “Walls and Bridges” – September 26, 1974.


The first ARMS (Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis) concert is happens in London. The show is a benefit for former Faces guitarist Ronnie Lane, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The impressive lineup includes Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Charlie Watts, John Paul Jones. September 20, 1983.


Janis Joplin announces her upcoming split from her band Big Brother and the Holding Company. Furthermore, she goes on to make incredible music without them. Many people felt that Big Brother is Joplin’s best backing band. September 21, 1968.


America – A Tribute to Heroes. Is a benefit concert that airs on television with the mission of raising funds for victims of 9/11. Artists performing at the concert are performances by Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson, and Paul Simon. September 21, 2001.


Bob Dylan makes his Carnegie Hall debut. He’s part of an all-star folk concert. September 22, 1962.


The Great Society, a band featuring vocalist Grace Slick of future Jefferson Airplane fame, plays their first show. At “The Coffee Gallery” in San Francisco. September 22, 1965.


David Bowie debuts his Ziggy Stardust tour in America with a show in Cleveland. September 22, 1972.


Geffen Records is born on September 22,1980. Most importantly, they have several popular bands on their roster including Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Aerosmith and many more!


The First Farm Aid Concert!

The Farm Aid concert starts in Champaign, IL. Featuring performances by organizers Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Billy Joel, Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison. Even better, they raise $7 million for struggling American family farmers. The benefit concert is happens every year going forward. September 22, 1985.


In New York City’s Battery Park, a massive crowd chants “Hell no, we won’t glow”. At an anti-nuke rally that lasted five hours. Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and Bonnie Raitt are some of the performers. September 23, 1979.


International reggae legend Bob Marley plays his final concert ever. The venue is Pittsburgh’s Stanley Theater. September 23, 1980.


Neil Young wins “Artist of The Year” at the Americana Honors and Awards show in Nashville. September 23, 2006.


Guitarist Jimmy James decides to change his name to Jimi Hendrix on a trip from New York to London. Accompanied by his new manager Chas Chandler. September 24, 1966.


Bobby McFerrin Scores A #1

“Don’t Worry Be Happy” written and performed by Bobby McFerrin is the first a cappella song to reach #1. On the Billboard Hot 100 list. September 24, 1988.


The Rolling Stones record a concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. Getting a feature moment in the upcoming concert film “Let’s Spend the Night Together”. The film is a flop! September 25, 1981.


Dave Grohl officially becomes the drummer of Nirvana. September 25, 1990.


The Beatles earn the Order of the British Empire Honors from Queen Elizabeth II. The band is a recommendation for the honors by Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Wilson believed that The Beatles had a positive effect on Britain’s youth. Many prior honorees protest the honor given to The Beatles by returning theirs. September 26, 1965.


The White Stripes try something different and become the first band to webcast a concert. Their show in Maryland was streaming live on “NPR” on September 27, 2005.


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