The Black Keys – American Rock

The Black Keys – American Rock

The Black Keys are a rock band from Akron, Ohio, coming together in 2001. The band is comprised of Dan Auerbach who offers up vocals and guitar. Along with Patrick Carney on drums. The duo began as an independent act, recording their music in their basements and along with self-producing their music. I have to say they are also very dedicated to their fans as well. Even with their chaotic touring schedules. With this kind of dedication, it’s also why they have a rather large fan following that supports them. 



Auerbach and Carney formed a friendship over that music after living close to each other but being separated in school by grades. The teenagers at the time started jamming together, and when Auerbach’s band didn’t show up at a bar gig one night, Carney stepped in as drummer. He came equipped with a recording device. Growing up listening to the likes of the Stooges, Link Wray, the original James Gang guitarist Glenn Schwartz just to name a few, it sounds like they’re on the right path of creating great music while tipping the hat to those who have come before them!


So, maybe, there’s still hope for good music in future generations! Thankfully, the claws of Rock N Roll’s past got a hold of them and showed them how great rock was back then and still can be going forward.  Eventually they become one of the most popular garage rock artists around when the genre makes a comeback in the late 2000s. But also, the band’s raw blues rock sound draws heavily from Auerbach’s blues influences, including Junior Kimbrough, R.L. Burnside, and of course Howlin’ Wolf! 



Friends since childhood, Auerbach and Carney found the group after dropping out of college. After signing with indie label Alive, they release their debut album, “The Big Come Up” in 2002.  Which later earns them a new deal with Fat Possum Records.


Over the next decade, the Black Keys built quite an underground fanbase through extensive touring of small clubs, frequent album releases and music festival appearances, and broad licensing of their songs. So, they’re keeping themselves quite busy and productive despite everything else going on in the world. Check out their Anthem Rock song “Gold on The Ceiling” below:


Delta Kream

This past May, the band releases their 10th album titled “Delta Kream” which is a brilliant salute to Mississippi hill country blues! Recorded in ten hours over two afternoons at Dan Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville. This album also features a great cover of Junior Kimbrough’s rendition of “Crawling Kingsnake” as well other great tracks to check out. With very little planning, a pandemic and other chaotic things standing in their way, this album is quite special. Also called in for this project is R. L. Burnside’s guitarist Kenny Brown as well as Junior Kimbrough’s bassist Eric Deaton contributing to the project and taking it the next level.


Every song is just spot on in terms of musical composition, singing and low-down blues feel. Seriously, it couldn’t have come out at a better time with all of us bored out of our minds and stuck at home! With this album they delve deeper into their love of the blues, doing covers of the aforementioned artists as well as John Lee Hooker and Big Joe Williams. While I enjoy their other albums, this one truly stands out because it’s a hats off to the history of the blues while creating a pathway for future generations to experience the genre. While inviting those of us that grew listening to rock, blues, country and more. 


Little Black Submarines

From Their 2011 album El Camino, It is the fourth track from their 2011 studio album, El Camino, and is released as the album’s fourth single in 2012. The song begins as a quiet acoustic ballad and then all hell breaks loose into an over-the-top hard rock arrangement. Working with them on this track is producer Danger Mouse on the project. One of my favorite tracks from these guys. Furthermore, it’s recorded live at The Springwater Supper Club in Nashville. Also, the venue is a former speakeasy. 


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