The Cactus Blossoms – Indie Rock

Who are these guys?

While they have been on my radar for a while,  some may not know what they bring to the table. But these guys are truly a gem to discover and embrace! For those of us that grew listening to a wide variety of genres by way of a transistor radio and who had control over it, you’ll appreciate the fact that they teeter on the edge of roots rock with a variety of styles and gorgeous harmonies that make you want to grab a cold beverage, sit back and just listen. What do they sound like? Well, they are often compared to the likes of the Everly brothers, the Louvins, along with hints of Elvis. Also JJ Cale with the way they play guitar (breezy guitars and tight harmonies). 


The Critics Love Them – So Should you! 

The Cactus Blossoms broke out nationally in 2016 with their JD McPherson-produced debut, “You’re Dreaming.” Dates with Kacey Musgraves, Jenny Lewis, and Lucius followed, as did raves from the New York Times and NPR, who praised “the brothers’ extraordinary singing.” The band is further catapulted into the spotlight in 2017, when David Lynch tapped them to perform in the return of Twin Peaks, and continued to build on their success with their 2019 sophomore LP, Easy Way, which led Rolling Stone to laud the duo’s “rock-solid, freak of genetics harmonies.” So, if you like what you hear, then consider checking them out live when they come to a town near you. 


The Touring Band 

The band is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and comprised of brothers Jack Torrey (guitar, bass, vocals) and Page Burkum (guitar, vocals) with a touring act including their older brother Tyler Burkum (guitar), their cousin Phillip Hicks (bass), Jake Hanson (guitar) and Jeremy Hanson (drums). Yes, it’s a family affair when they tour! As for brothers Jack Torry and Page Burkum they played music but didn’t start touring until they were both in their thirties starting out by playing local shows and festivals. But most might know them for their music being featured in the Show Twin Peaks where they performed “Mississippi” 


In 2017, they get an invite to come to Nashville to work with Dan Auerbach writing songs together. Which produces two songs “Blue As The Ocean” and “Gotta A Lotta Love” for their album “Easy Way”.  After all this they decide to leave their current label and decide to start their own called “Walkie Talkie” Records. Which at the time, many artists and bands started doing things for themselves while changing the way music is being created as well as keeping more control when it came to their music careers. I feel like it’s a time when music is starting to become more personal projects for these younger artists then the earlier generations. But also, there is better technology today than there was back in the day. Either way, I find this rather interesting!


Quarantine And No Where To Go!

Yep, the world took a step backwards and basically stopped due to COVID-19 pandemic. We all know where we were during this time. For Minneapolis? They got a double whammy with protests in Minneapolis as well. What do you do? You get creative! So, the band works on a new album during this time which is their third titled “One Day” and eventually releases in February of 2022.


And what a breath of fresh air this album is! A much needed musical companion during trying times. It’s about the idea that no matter what we’re going through, there’s always that silver lining on the horizon full of joy and hope. So, be sure to check it out! It could be glue that fixes the broken things in the world and take us all back to a better time (even if it’s only for a short time). Because that’s what music, art, poetry, and other creative things help us keep our sanity!  


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