The Lumineers – Indie Rock

While some of their hardcore fans would say that they are strictly folk rock or Americana. I like to think that they are so much more! From what I’ve read and heard from this band I think they could easily go from one genre of music to another and totally kick ass while doing it! As for myself, I don’t care about genres. They just get in the way. What I like is good music and lyrics and the Lumineers fit the bill. I love that they keep things simple and then take you for a musical ride along the way. Which, it’s the perfect formula for them! You got guitars, piano, great harmonizing vocals, and a cello that can cut through any crowd and shine on its own. How can you go wrong? Plus, their lyrics are heartfelt and beautiful. 


When you hear their music, you don’t get distortion or other over the top effects. Nope it’s just their instruments and great harmonies. The basic components and instruments on stage. When it comes to their influences, the obvious one is Dylan, but they also list The Talking Heads, Beethoven, Springsteen, Guns N’ Roses, The Cars, The Band, Tom Petty, and more! Plus, No Auto-Tune being used here! The topics of their songs at times evokes a sense of sadness or regret but others bring joy and almost all of them are relatable.


For me, I consider their best work to be the story between Ophelia, Cleopatra, Angela, and Sleep on the Floor. Not only do these four videos have great chords and lyrics. There’s also an interesting narrative and interplay that entwines these four videos. Along with the piano and Schultz’s emotional and reflective lyrics, they just reel you in for the ride. Furthermore, they’ve come a long way from coffee houses to playing large arenas and amphitheaters!


The Lumineers – “Ho Hey’

The Lumineers first receive national attention in December 2011, when this toe-tapper is prominently featured at the end of a tv episode. That tv show being the “Hart Of Dixie.” Which is where I first heard it. Then, it’s being used for a commercial about discovering Hawaii. Finally releasing digitally on February 15, 2012.


Furthermore, it’s the lead single from their 2012 debut album. Shortly after, they start receiving a ton of radio play on alternative rock, adult contemporary radio stations along with a decent amount of press to boot. This particular track has been a fan favorite ever since! 


The Lumineers appear as the musical guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live. While serving up their debut live performance of “Brightside” for the episode. Along with three other songs as an exclusive for the show’s YouTube channel. “Brightside” is the title track from The Lumineers’ fourth studio album. The nine-song follow-up to 2019’s III arrives via Dualtone on January 14, 2022. 


Ironic enough, is that they record the song in a single day about a love story in all its glory. Along with the heartbreak and loss that comes with a relationship as well. This album is also the band’s first new music in over two years. This song also earns The Lumineers their sixth Adult Alternative Airplay No. 1 with “Brightside.” 


Ophelia From Their Cleopatra Album.

The band was worried about naming this song Ophelia due to the fact that some might think that it’s “The Band’s” version. It’s not their version but there is a connection to the iconic band. Wesley Schultz said he was a fan growing up listening to them. Also, the Lumineers bass player Byron Isaacs played for six years with Levon Helm, the drummer from “The Band”, at his ‘rambles.’


Which just proves they have great taste in music as well! During a Billboard interview, vocalist Wesley Schultz said that this song was initially intended to be a “stream of consciousness,” so, they actually might have some meaning. Either way it was the cornerstone for their album Cleopatra. Plus, the band says that it helped them overcome the stress and anxiety of recording their second album. 


Stubborn Love

Such a great song! It’s the second single from their self – titled debut album. It’s also what personifies the band’s style of music. Truly making them stand out as storytellers and performers. Along with a celloist that takes over the song at certain points. As for what the song is about, it’s about refusing to give up on someone that you love even though you know it’s not the best situation.


Possibly, also about forgiving someone and giving them a second chance. Yes, most of us have been there! Just turn the volume up, sit back, relax, and maybe add a cold beverage! Combined, it’s a great elixir to handle any pain you’re going through! It’s one of my favorites.


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