The Teskey Brothers – Australian Blues

The Teskey Brothers

Hailing from Australia, specifically Melbourne, These guys learned about music the way most of us have. By listening to their parents or other relatives’ music. For them, It’s American soul music of the 60s. That special moment when you happen upon a style or genre of music that just takes over your soul and makes you feel whole again. For most of us, we like music but find other hobbies that we embrace as well.

Not for The Teskey Brothers, they become obsessed with that old style sound from Motown. Not to copy the music but instead take elements from it that resonate with them and then recreate it in their own special way and style. As teenagers, they practiced in a bungalow nearby and would jam night after night while absorbing how the “best of the best” made the music their own. Learning the tricks of the trade and absorbing all they could about the soul and blues sounds of the 60s.

Accomplished Musicians & Songwriters

After a while, the brothers become quite accomplished musicians and songwriters and start composing their own compositions. Shortly after in 2008, they’re joined by Liam Gough (Drums) as well as Brendon Love (bass) , and start a band called the Teskey Brothers. It’s during this time that they spend the next several years busking on the streets, playing parties and all-around town. In 2017, they release their self-produced their 2017 debut titled “Half Mile Harvest”. An independent hit with an old-school, homegrown feel. The LP went Top 20 on the Australian charts.

The Teskey Brothers sign to Glassnote Records for their second album, 2019’s “Run Home Slow”, a continuation of their retro Southern soul and blues sound. This time, they reached No. 2 on the Australian charts.

Last year Their 2020 album “Live at the Forum” features analog tape recordings from their sold-out four-night stint at the Forum in Melbourne. The album earned a Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.

Available on their website and other retail & streaming sites. Below is Paint my Heart from “Run Home Slow”. 

Teskey Brothers & Orchestra Victoria

Not sure how long this will be available on their site but, this is an outstanding performance from these guys! It’s the full performance. They’re great playing on their own but by adding “Orchestra Victoria” to the mix? Wow is all I can say!

The free version has advertising throughout but, you can also order the DVD on their website without any advertising: Orchestra Victoria: Web:

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