August 10 – 16th – This Week In Rock

August 10 – 16th – This Week In Rock

This Week in Rock – Trivia Answer – Elton John makes history by playing a ten-night run of concerts at Madison Square Garden – August 10, 1976

August 10 – 16th – BORN THIS WEEK IN ROCK

Leo Fender – August 10, 1909 (guitar inventor and entrepreneur)

Ian Anderson – August 10, 1947 (acoustic guitar, flute, vocals, Jethro Tull)

Jim Kale – August 11, 1943 (bass, The Guess Who)

Erik Braunn – August 11, 1950 (guitar, Iron Butterfly)

Happy Birthday To Richie Ramone!

Richie Ramone – August 11, 1957 (drums, The Ramones)

Buck Owens – August 12, 1929 (pivotal country musician)

Roy Gaines – August 12, 1934 (Texas blues guitarist)

Mark Knopfler – August 12, 1949 (singer/guitarist, Dire Straits)

Lou Martin –  August 12, 1949 (piano, Killing Floor/Rory Gallagher)

Pat Metheny – August 12, 1954 (jazz guitarist)


Richie Hayward – August 12, 2010 (drummer, Little Feat)

Luther Allison – August 12, 1997 (blues guitarist)

King Curtis – August 13th, 1971 (Saxophone)

Roy Buchanan – August 14th, 1988 (Guitar)

Jerry Wexler – August 15th, 2008 (Producer)

Elvis Presley – August 16th, 1977 (Vocalist & Guitarist, The King of Rock & Roll)


Stevie Wonder’s Fingertips (part 2) is first live recording to hit #1 – August 10, 1963

Cream’s Wheels of Fire Hits #1 – August 10, 1968

Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising hits #1 – August 11, 2002

Bad Company release “Can’t Get Enough” – August 12, 1974

The Beatles release Help! in the United States – August 13th, 1965

Eric Clapton releases his first solo LP, Eric Clapton – August 14th, 1970


Elton John makes history by playing a ten-night run of concerts at Madison Square Garden – August 10, 1976

The High Numbers, who later becomes “The Who, plays a show in Harrow, England when Roger Daltrey’s father-in-law storms into the venue. Dragging Daltrey outside and the two began to fight. Meanwhile, the show must go on, so the band plays without Daltrey until the fight is broken up and Roger returns – August 11, 1964

Sustaining injuries while trashing his room at “The Fontainebleau Hotel”, Keith Moon goes to the hospital.  Furthermore, being a rock star is hard and dangerous work – August 11, 1976

Led Zeppelin plays their final UK show ever at the Knebworth House. Even though many people still call for a Led Zeppelin reunion with the three surviving members – August 11, 1979

Johnny Cash duets with Miss Piggy on The Muppet Show. They played “Jackson”. June Carter is pretty jealous – August 11, 1980

“Woodstock ’94” Happens!

Woodstock 2 – officially “Woodstock ’94” – begins in Saugerties, New York, with Sheryl Crow, Todd Rundgren and Violent Femmes performing. The festival is a success, drawing a crowd of about 350,000. August 12, 1994.

Jim Morrison’s indecent exposure trial begins in Miami, Florida – August 12th, 1970

Guitar virtuoso Roy Buchanan died at only 48 years old in a jail in Fairfax, Virginia. Buchanan’s death is ruled a suicide, although family and friends have always disputed that ruling. Buchanan is a fantastic guitarist. Give him a listen if you haven’t –  August 14th, 1988

Stephen Stills is arrested on charges of cocaine possession at a motel in California, for what it’s worth – August 14th, 1970

After the tragic passing of Jerry Garcia, the leader of the Grateful Dead, the band cancels their fall tour. We miss you, Jerry –  August 14th, 1995

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