August 17th – 23rd – This Week In Rock

August 17th – 23rd – This Week In Rock

This Week’s Trivia Answer: Elvis Presley’s record sales pass the 200 million mark! August 21, 1976

August 17th – 23rd – Born This Week 

Sib Hashian – August 17, 1949 (Drums, Boston)
Eric Johnson – August 17, 1954 (Blues-Rock Guitarist)
Steve Firnab – August 17, 1965 (Drums, Black Crowes)
Belinda Carlisle – August 17, 1958 (singer, the Go-Go’s)
Dennis Elliott – August 18, 1950 (Drums, Foreigner)
Marvin Isley – August 18, 1953 (bass, Isley Brothers)

Happy Birthday Ginger Baker!

Ginger Baker –  August 19, 1939 (Cream, drums)
Ian Gillan – August 19, 1945 (Deep Purple, vocals)
John Deacon –  August 19, 1951 (Queen, bass)
“Uncle John” Turner –  August 20, 1933 (Johnny Winter, drums)
Isaac Hayes –  August 20, 1942
James Pankow –  August 20, 1947 (Chicago, trombone)

Happy Birthday Robert Plant!

Robert Plant – August 20, 1948 (Led Zeppelin, vocals)
Phil Lynott – August 20, 1949 (Thin Lizzy, bass and vocals)
John Hiatt – August 20, 1952 (singer-songwriter and guitarist)
Douglas Fieger – August 20, 1952 (guitar/vocals, The Knack)
Count Basie – August 21, 1904 (Jazz composer and band leader)
Tom Coster – August 21, 1941 (Santana, keys)

Happy Birthday Glenn Hughes!

Glenn Hughes – August 21, 1952 (Deep Purple, bass and vocals)
Steve Smith – August 21, 1954 (Journey, drummer)
Matt Schofield – August 21, 1977 (blues guitarist)
John Lee Hooker – August 22, 1917 (blues vocalist and guitarist)
Donna Godchaux – August 22, 1947 (The Grateful Dead, vocalist)
Vernon Reid –  August 22, 1958 (Living Colour, guitar)
Keith Moon – August 23, 1946 (The Who, drums)
Rick Springfield –  August 23, 1949 (Singer,actor, songwriter)

Died This Week in Rock – August 17th – 23rd 

Aretha Franklin – August 17, 2018
Lou Martin – August 17, 2012 (piano, Rory Gallagher)
LeRoi Moore: August 19, 2008 (Dave Matthews Band, Sax)
Robert Moog: August 21, 2005 (inventor of the Moog Synthesizer)
Bruce Gary: August 22, 2006 (The knack, drums)
Toots Thielemans: August 22, 2016 (jazz harmonica player)
John Abercrombie: August 22, 2017 (jazz guitarist)


The Doors’ Waiting for the Sun tops the charts – August 17, 1968
Deep Purple releases “Hush”- August 17, 1968
Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard hits #1 – August 17, 1974
Bad Company releases “Can’t Get Enough”- August 17, 1974
Jethro Tull’s A Passion Play hits #1 – August 18, 1973
The Beatles’ “All You Need Is Love” tops the charts –  August 19, 1967
Chicago’s Chicago V hits #1 – August 19, 1972
Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Cosmo’s Factory hits #1 – August 20, 1970

The Stones Release I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The Rolling Stones release “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” – August 20, 1965
The Rolling Stones release “Angie” – August 20, 1973
Bob Dylan Releases “Slow Train Coming” – August 20, 1979
The Rolling Stones’ Out of Our Heads hits #1 – August 21, 1965
Lynyrd Skynyrd releases their 14th studio album” August 21, 2012

The Beatles’ Revolver goes gold –  August 22, 1966
The Beatles’ Help! goes gold – August 23, 1965
The Rolling Stones’ “Honky Tonk Women” tops the charts – August 23, 1969
Johnny Cash’s Live at San Quentin which is recorded at the prison hits #1 – August 23, 1969
“Ashes To Ashes” by David Bowie hits #1 In UK – August 23, 1980


Mourning for Elvis begins at his home, Graceland, in Tennessee. The occasion is so momentous that President Jimmy Carter issues a statement, saying, “Elvis Presley’s death deprives our country of a part of itself. He was unique and irreplaceable”- August 17, 1977

Nirvana shoot their “Smells Like Teen Spirit” music video – August 17, 1991

More on The Beatles, the band gets themselves in hot water after siding with Americans who dodged the Vietnam War draft by moving to Canada. This after Lennon’s “Bigger than Jesus” comment and it’s controversy city for the Fab Four – August 17, 1966

Day 3 of Woodstock, Besides, performances by Joe Cocker – that version of “A Little Help from My Friends” still smokes – CSNY, The Who, The Band, and furthermore, a small-time guitarist who went by the name of Jimi Hendrix – August 17, 1967

Ringo Starr makes his Beatles debut and the core four play together live for the first time ever. The concert is at a horticultural society dance in Birkenhead, England. Is Ringo the greatest drummer ever? Probably not, but he would like to be under the sea in an octopus’ garden, so there’s that – August 18, 1962

While filming a movie, Mick Jagger is accidently shot in the hand. Yet, he still manages to write the song “Brown Sugar” while shooting August 18, 1969.

Crosby Stills and Nash and Joni Mitchell appear on The Dick Cavett show to discuss Woodstock. While Joni Mitchell doesn’t attend the festival but performs her song “Woodstock” on the show – August 19. 1969

August 20, 1969 is the last time all four members of The Beatles were at EMI studios. 

A Tribute Concert For Phil Lynott!

On the 56th anniversary of Phil Lynott’s birth, a tribute concert is held in his honor. Thin Lizzy member that included band members Brian Downey, Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Eric Bell. The last two members split lead guitar duties on “Whiskey in the Jar” – August 20, 2005

The Knebworth Festival is held in England with headliners including The Rolling Stones and Lynyrd Skynyrd – August 21, 1976

Elvis Presley’s record sales pass the 200 million mark! August 21, 1976

Cynthia Lennon comes home to find Beatle husband John in bed… with Yoko Ono. Yikes. Divorce papers are filed – August 22, 1968

Derek and the Dominos begin recording their album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. “Layla” is pretty much the best song ever. Clapton and Duane Allman’s interlocking guitar solos are just pure ecstasy – August 22, 1970

Paul McCartney records drums on “Back In The USSR” and “Dear Prudence” after Ringo Starr walks out on White Album sessions – August 23, 1968

Proto-punk legends The Velvet Underground play their final show at New York venue Max’s Kansas City. Shouldn’t it have been called Max’s New York? August 23, 1970

Queen’s Brian May earns his Ph.D. in astrophysics from Imperial College in London. I feel accomplished if I can find my shoes in the morning. – August 23, 2007

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