Marquise Knox – St. Louis Blues

Keeping The Blues Real

Marquise Knox is a blues man that hails from St. Louis, Missouri. But that’s not all, with his smooth voice and heartfelt lyrics, he’s created quite a buzz in the blues circuit. By performing on stage with the likes of B.B. King, Pinetop Perkins, David “Honeyboy” Edwards, and even Billy Gibbons just to name a few. Sounds like someone else we know eh? Furthermore, he’s not just performing in the United States, but he also has fans in Canada, South America, and Europe. Yes, he keeps himself quite busy!


Furthermore, when it comes to the blues, he’s a very adamant and outspoken proponent of keeping the true heritage of the blues alive. With already three albums under belt “Man Child” (2010), “Here I Am”, and “Black and Blue” which was released independently on his own record label Knox Entertainment LLC.  Check out his performance at The 8th Annual Gloucester Blues Festival circa 2019. 


Learning The Blues At An Early Age

Starting out his career at age 14, he starts playing guitar and a eventually a mean harmonica, and by age 16. he’s making his national debut with his first album “Manchild”,  Although he’s comes from a musical family, he’s stated that the blues was always in his blood! As a child, he learns guitar from his grandmother, along with his uncle Clifford. And it’s these two people that were a major influence in his life growing up in his early years. Later it’s being mentored by revered St. Louis bluesman Henry James Townsend, a foundational figure in St. Louis blues history. 



Having grown up around the blues and being inspired by it in his early years, he’s pretty much carrying the torch for future generations. Not only are these two people influences in his early years but he also had ties to relatives that lived in Mississippi and nurtured him with the great musical history from there as well. But Marquise learns the most from Henry Townsend and the other musicians he associated with. Giving Knox an insider’s point of view of the Blues! But like all other musicians before him, he performs in a variety of place and stages and certainly has paying his dues like everyone that came before him.


In 2007, he meets Sam Lay who took him under his wing and helps him with his career by getting him a performance slot at “Blues Masters at the Crossroads” festival in Salina, Kansas., where he performs amongst many iconic blues masters. But he holds his own and earns their respect in the meantime. And pretty much being adopted by them. Let’s just say that Marquise made some very important new friends along the way! 


ZZ Top and Cheap Trick with special guest Marquise Knox

While he’s done a lot of performing since his debut, there wasn’t a lot of national tours or offers opening for major acts. Then what happens? Knox gets an offer to open up for not one, but two major Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acts. Of all tours to be on, he gets asked to join ZZ Top and Cheap Trick. He’s brought on for sixteen shows collecting fans and contacts along the way. Well, if you play that well then this is definitely the tour you would want to be on to show people what you got! And he did by forming his own band and continues to tour and play festivals along the way. Be Sure to check out this amazing artist live or at least keep up with him via his social media!


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