Sass Jordan – Canadian Powerhouse Rocker!

Sass Jordan – Powerhouse Rocker!

Sass Jordan has been belting out rock music across stages for the past thirty years. She’s toured and worked with many heavy hitters, including Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Carlos Santana, and Joe Cocker. Furthermore, she’s often compared to Janis Joplin.

Wow! Can you imagine someone telling you that? Also interesting is that she played the lead role of Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway hit “Love, Janis” in 2001. Which was fantastic! If you’re going to get comparisons to her, why not play her on Broadway! 

Besides, this, the Juno Award-winner has been blowing minds since her debut album “Tell Somebody” dropped in 1988. While it’s a great album, my favorite is “Rats” which is her third album. For me, it has a more personal vibe to it that I connected with. It’s an album that takes through all kinds of emotional ups and downs! Every track is fantastic, and her voice just rocks you to the core of your soul.

While some say that she didn’t get the credit she deserved earlier in her career, which I agree! I like to think that she found her path, trudged forward, kicked up the dust and never looked back! And maybe flipped off a few critics along the way. The outcome? Success!

Her biggest success is “Racine” that was released in 1992. An album that had an edgy hard rock feel to it. But nowadays, there’s no stopping this performer, she’s constantly touring and selling out venues and stadiums wherever she goes. Making guest appearances on television, appearing in both the Toronto and Winnipeg stage productions of The Vagina Monologues, and has been a Canadian Idol judge for six seasons. She’s also had a lot of hit albums here, there and in between as well! 

Sass Jordan – Rebel Moon Blues

“Rebel Moon Blues” is something different from Jordan. This newest endeavor is a blues inspired collection that on the plus side, highlights the fact that Sass’s voice is as strong as ever.

The album features eight songs, freshly interpreted and given the Sass Jordan treatment with her band the Champagne Hookers: guitarists Chris Caddell and Jimmy Reid, bassist Derrick Brady and drummer Cassius Pereira, augmented by blues harp master Steve Marriner and keyboardist Jesse O’Brien.

On these blues covers, there is only one new track which is “The Key.” Plus, there’s some lovely bottle neck slide guitar playing on this album. Which is a really nice surprise! Furthermore, it’s not your ordinary blues album, instead, It’s the blues, done in the “Sass Jordan” style. Which is nice!

KICK ASS SASS – Not What you Think

When she’s not being a rock star, she has her own line of wines called “Kick Ass Sass.” Not just a name on a product, she gets all involved in the process, the flavors, and promoter for them as well. Jordan started visiting Niagara wine country and taking part in tastings at Vineland Estates and learning about Ontario and Canadian wines.

She fell in love with them and forged a lasting relationship with Schmidt (the winemaker), who became her wine mentor and go-to guy for all things wine in Niagara. It’s pretty evident that Jordan has another hit on her hands. You can check it out on this Website