Squeeze – English Rock

Squeeze – The Early Years

Back in the day in South London, friends Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook form a band that will see them dubbed as ‘The New Lennon and McCartney’. They named their band “Squeeze” after a Velvet Underground album by the same name. Even though, The Velvet Underground’s record doesn’t do a well as it should have. To this day, the band “Squeeze” still has quite a lasting legacy under their belt.


The Players 

With Jools Holland on keys, Harry Kakouli on bass and Paul Gunn on drums, along with Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook, they became permanent fixtures on the burgeoning New Wave movement. But When Gilson Lavis replaces Gunn on drums, everything seems to fall into place. And as word-of-mouth spreads about the band. Both Difford and Tillbrook are recognized as some of the best songwriters to come out of the late 70s early 80s.


While you may not recognize the names of these two song writers/musicians, most of us have heard of the band – Squeeze. These two guys are true master songsmiths! Little did they know how much they helped a lot of us survive the 80’s. Furthermore, Difford and Tilbrook are right up there when it comes to one of the great songwriting duos around. Below is one of their catchiest tunes that will have you singing right along!


Taking A Break

In 1984, Squeeze disbands and takes some time off. During this time, they continue to work together creating music which later becomes the “lost” Squeeze album. Needless to say, they didn’t stay inactive for long. Squeeze reforms the next year for ‘Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti’, along with Holland, Lavis and Keith Wilkinson, Squeeze’s longest serving bass player. While the musicians come and go, Difford and Tilbrook keep the band going. While touring and recording albums along the way. In 1999, the band officially announces that Squeeze is officially breaking up.


After the official break-up, Difford and Tilbrook continue to make music and still performs live together, When they’re not working on projects together, they’re working on solo projects. Chris Difford releases three solo albums to date and tours the country several times with his unique one man show. While Glenn Tilbrook, releases three solo albums, with 2009’s ‘Pandemonium Ensues’ heralding the debut of his other band “The Fluffers.” He too also toured relentlessly with The Fluffers, and most recently has recorded an album as “The Co-Operative” with blues veterans 9 Below Zero.


But Wait! They’re back with a Vengeance!

Since 2007, a newly formed version of Squeeze has been slowly finding time to play a series of gigs and festival dates. re-affirming their abilities as a band rather than follow in the path of their peers who have come out in a blaze of publicity, only to be met with disappointment.


The new Squeeze line-up, their most able yet, is completed by Squeeze veteran John Bentley, Simon Hanson and Stephen Large. They’re also doing tour support on the Madness’s 2021 UK tour dates. Needless to say, due to Covid the dates are re-scheduled for August 2022.



Squeeze finally unveils their new studio album, Cradle to the Grave (their first album in 17 years). In the autumn of 2015. After its release, Shaw leaves the band and is replaced by Yolanda Charles; Steve Smith, formerly of Dirty Vegas, also joins the group as a percussionist. This lineup debuted on “The Knowledge”, which appears in October 2017.


While the line-up may have changed, the band is not done yet! The core members are still at the helm trudging forward and continuing to create great music and entertaining their fans along the way! 


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