Tom Jones – The Entertainer

Tom Jones – Living Legend

Sir Tom Jones is a living legend. One of the few musical artists whose profession began at the dawn of modern popular music who continues to have a vital recording and performing career to this day. furthermore, for Jones, it’s about the power of the song and the power of the voice. His high energy shows, and performances transcends musical eras and genres. At the same time, cuts across class divides and appeals to young and old, male and female, mainstream and cutting edge. 

Still Going Strong at 79

Jones has sold more than 100 million records over his remarkable six-decade career. In his memoir, “Over the Top and Back,” Jones recounts how he rose from his roots in the coal fields of Wales to become an international singing star and an honorary knight of the realm.

Meanwhile, at 79, there seems to be no stopping this charismatic performer and artist. To this day, he’s constantly working on projects and keeping himself relevant. As he puts it, time is the only thing that he can’t control. Check out this classic Tom Jones performance from The Midnight Special. Dec -1976. 

His Collaborations

There isn’t too many artists or musicians that he hasn’t performed with! In fact, the list is too long to include. While he did perform with a lot of artists on his hit tv show – “This is Tom Jones.” He is so well liked in the music industry that artists just gravitated to him. He is even “Simpsonized” playing himself on an episode and was in the movie “Mars Attacks” among other television appearances.

In 1988, he covered Prince’s “Kiss” with Art of Noise. The song reached No. 5 in the UK and No. 31 in the US and the video playing on VH-1 and MTV.  Jones received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1989, located at 6608 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, in front of Frederick’s of Hollywood. No surprise here since women used to throw lingerie on the stage when he was performing. 

Jones has always had a fundamental interest in a wide range of music. Although he is well known for hits including It’s Not Unusual, Kiss, Delilah, What’s New Pussycat. As well as, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again and If I Only Knew. He is first and foremost an artist with a true rhythm and blues soul. 

Tom is a key player in Martin Scorsese’s Red White & Blues series, and in 2004 released an album of roots rock n roll with Jools Holland. In 2008, 24 Hours, was a critical career highlight with many of the self-penned tracks being an insightful and evocative reflection of his spirited and rich life.

Whether you like him or not, he has made a name for himself. Growing up poor, married at sixteen, having a music career that has lasted a very long time. He is truly a part of music’s pop culture. 

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