Heart – The Legendary Ladies of Rock

Heart, a band comprised of two sisters who became rock superstars in a mostly male dominated world. They conquered rock and roll and are still kicking ass to this day!  Not only did they help break the mold of male dominated rock bands, but in 1976, they showed everyone that girls could play rock and roll. Sure, there were other women in rock and roll before Heart. Sadly, most were not in charge of their careers. The Wilson sisters didn’t follow the normal rock and roll ideology about women in the music industry. They wanted recognition for their talent and not just their looks. Sure, they upset a lot of labels, but they stuck to their guns and have made a pretty amazing career out of it. Can we say four decades and still counting? 

Ann and Nancy Wilson were born into a military family, moving all over the country at a frequent pace. But, one thing that remained constant was music. Their parents played everything from classical to experimental electronic music. This love for music resonated with the Wilson sisters and helped cultivate a passion and later career for both of them.

Ann started playing with a band of revolving band members in the early 70’s and were only playing small clubs. Finally, in 1974, when Nancy joined the group as the guitarist, the official lineup of Heart was formed. Interestingly, the band found themselves in Canada where they got huge initial recognition. Their fanbase spread to the US and the rest of the world in the late 70’s.

Constant touring

Before taking any steps on creating a new album, they would test the waters by playing them live. It was to see what kind of reaction they would receive from the fans. Referring to themselves as a real band, this was the way you did things when you’re constantly touring. One of the best things about this band was that their music wasn’t just about lost love and heartbreak. But instead, they went other ways with their music and lyrics. The music always has a variety of themes to consider and reflect on.

The 80’s Resurgence

In the eighties, their music and notoriety had a big resurgence with their 1985 self-titled album “Heart” which featured their hits “These Dreams”, which went to #1 after being released as a single in 1986. Other tracks off this album such as “What About Love”, “Never”, “Nothin’ at all” and “If Looks Could Kill”, with the first three singles reaching top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. After this, the band was being pressured to be more “pop”. Thankfully they didn’t listen! Even though the eighties were quite popular for the band, at the time they still were feeling stifled and suffocating at times.

The Good Bad and Ugly

While the band has through some trials and tribulations, they still figured things out and managed to sell millions of albums. For the Wilson sisters, despite everything, they came out of it all knowing what was important to the band as a whole. For them it is more about the band and being artists than to worry about drama at hand.

2019 and Beyond – Heart Love Alive Tour

 The year is 2019, and the Wilson sisters are hitting the road yet again. Stacked wall-to-wall with fan favorites and iconic cover songs. Heart’s “Love Alive Tour” proves that Ann and Nancy’s particular brand of rock ‘n’ roll is truly ageless. Fans of all ages are packing the concert venue. “The Love Alive” Tour introduces a whole new generation to the classic female power-ballads that have already been mainstream for decades.

With this amazing tour, it’s obvious that their music talent and musicality transcends time and space. It brings fans of all genres of music to find something they can latch onto at their shows. Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and Elle King to join the Wilson sisters on road at select dates. This tour will leave fans breathless.  For more on Heart click here

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