December 14 – 20th Birthdays

December 14 – 20th Birthdays

Trivia Answer – Jethro Tull forms – December 20, 1967


Tim Reynolds – December 15, 1957 (guitar, Dave Matthews)

Tony Hicks – December 16, 1945 (guitar, The Hollies)

Billy Gibbons – December 16, 1949 (vocals & guitar, ZZ Top)

Robben Ford – December 16, 1951 (blues, jazz, & rock guitarist)

Art Neville – December 17, 1937 (keyboard, The Meters)

Happy Birthday Paul Butterfield!

Paul Butterfield – December 17, 1942 (vocals and harmonica, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band)

Maurice White – December 19, 1941 (vocals, Earth, Wind. & Fire)

Peter Criss – December 20, 1945 (drums, KISS)

Chris Robinson – December 20, 1966 (singer, Black Crowes)


Dinah Washington – December 14, 1963 (R&B and blues vocalist and pianist)

Fats Waller – December 15, 1943 (jazz pianist and composer)

Stuart Adam – December 16, 2001 (guitar, Big Country)

Big Joe Williams – December 17, 1982 (Delta blues vocalist, guitarist, composer)

Captain Beef heart – December 17, 2010 (singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist).

Jimmy Nolen – December 18, 1983 (guitarist, James Brown)

Blind Lemon Jefferson – December 19, 1929 (blues and gospel singer, songwriter, and musician).

James Gurley – December 20, 2009 (guitar, Big Brother, and the Holding Company)

Jimmy McCracklin – December 20, 2012 (blues pianist)


Bob Dylan’s first single “Mixed-Up Confusion” releases on December 14, 1962.

John Lennon’s “Instant Karma!” is certified Gold. December 14,1970.

Jimmy Hendrix’s first single “Hey Joe” releases. December 16,1966

Pink Floyd releases “Careful With That Axe, Eugene” on December 17, 1968.

Bowie Releases “Hunky Dory”

David Bowie drops his fourth studio album “Hunky Dory”. December 17, 1971

Sly and the Family Stone hit #1 with “There’s a Riot Going On” December 18, 1971

A Day at the Races by Queen goes gold – December 18, 1976

John Lennon’s “(Just Like) Starting Over” hits #1 on the U.K. charts – December 20, 1980


The Who officially announces their breakup. December 16, 1983

The Who performs what is supposedly their last concert, during their “farewell tour”, in Toronto. As it turns out, it’s not their last. December 17, 1982

On his 38th birthday, Keith Richards is playing with The Rolling Stones at a show in Hampton, Virginia, when a fan rushes the stage. Keith sees him coming and hits him with his guitar. As security intervenes, Richards straps his guitar back on and continues playing December 18, 1981

Alice Has A Restaurant!

Alice Cooper opens a restaurant in Phoenix called Cooper’s town. At the opening, Cooper performs with his original bandmates Michael Bruce and Neil Smith. The three hadn’t played together in 24 years. On the restaurant’s menu: Welcome to My Nightmare Chili. Sounds delicious! December 18, 1998

During a Rolling Stones concert in Hampton, VA, a fan climbed onto the stage and rushed Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. To stop him, Richards took out his Telecaster and hit the man with it. A security guard escorted the fan out. Then Keith went right on playing December 18, 1981

Carl Perkins records his song “Blue Suede Shoes”. He had written it two days prior. It would go on to become a famous cover by Elvis Presley: December 19, 1955

Ronnie Wood exits the band The Faces and joins The Rolling Stones – December 19, 1975


Jethro Tull forms – December 20, 1967

Joe Walsh officially joins The Eagles – December 20, 1974

John Lennon’s hit single “(Just Like) Starting Over” becomes his first ever #1 hit as a solo artist in the UK. Lennon was murdered just 12 days before this achievement. December 20, 1980

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