Johhny Cash – Johnny Cash duets with Miss Piggy on The Muppet Show. They played “Jackson”. June Carter was probably pretty jealous – August 11, 1980.  Be sure to check back each week to see what happens next on “This Week In Rock!”

Born this Week in Rock History

Gregory Leskiw  – August 5, 1947 (guitar, The Guess Who)

Jeff Coffin – August 5, 1965 (saxophone, Bela Fleck and Dave Matthews Band)

Andy Warhol – August 6, 1928 (producer, manager, designer, The Velvet Underground)

Allan Holdsworth – August 6, 1946 (jazz fusion guitarist)

Magic Slim – 8/7/1937 (Mississippi-born guitarist, singer, songwriter)

Anton Fig – August 8, 1952 (drums, Kiss, Joe Bonamassa, and David Letterman Band)

Jimmy Witherspoon – 8/8/1920 – (Jump Blues & Jazz Singer)

The Edge – August 8, 1961 (guitar, U2)

Leo Fender – August 10, 1909 (guitar inventor and entrepreneur)

Ian Anderson – August 10, 1947 (acoustic guitar, flute, vocals, Jethro Tull)

Jim Kale – August 11, 1943 (bass, The Guess Who)

Erik Braunn – August 11, 1950 (guitar, Iron Butterfly)

Richie Ramone – August 11, 1957 (drums, The Ramones)

Died this Week in Rock History

Luther Perkins – August 5, 1968 (guitarist for Johnny Cash)

Jeff Porcaro – August 5, 1992 (drums/session musician, Toto

Randy Hobbs – August 5, 1993 (bass, The McCoys, Edgar Winter Group)

George Duke – August 5, 2013 (jazz/funk keyboardist)

Marshall Grant – August 7, 2011 (bassist for Johnny Cash)

Calvin “Fuzz” Jones – August 9, 2010 (blues bassist and vocalist)

Jerry Garcia – August 9, 1995 (vocalist and lead guitarist, The Grateful Dead)

Music releases and top of the charts…

Pink Floyd release “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” – August 5, 1967

Stevie Nicks releases first solo album “Bella Donna” – August 6, 1981

The Beatles’ Help! LP hits #1 – August 7, 1965

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention release Just Another Band from L.A.- August 7, 1970

The Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby” b/w “Yellow Submarine” is released – August 8, 1966

Beatles Release Revolver – August 8, 1966

Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard LP is certified gold – August 8, 1974

Sly and the Family Stone, “Hot Fun In The Summertime” is released – August 9, 1969

Stevie Wonder’s Fingertips (part 2) is first live recording to hit #1 – August 10, 1963

Cream’s Wheels of Fire Hits #1 – August 10, 1968

Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising hits #1 – August 11, 2002

This week in rock History

Kim Fowley forms the first all-female hard-rock band, The Runaways, which features Joan Jett, future Bangle Michael Steele, and Lita Ford.- August 5, 1975

Stevie Wonder signs largest contract for single artist in history $13 million for 7 albums in 7 years – August 5, 1975

Rod Stewart makes TV debut on BBC – August 6, 1964

Johnny Winter, Paul Simon, Janis Joplin, and Steppenwolf perform at the Concert for Peace at Shea Stadium. – August 6, 1970

Ramones play final show in Hollywood – August 6, 1996

Christine Perfect, who was married to bass player John McVie, joins her husband’s band, Fleetwood Mac. She is the first female member of the group, but would not be the last – August 7, 1970

The band Yes are given their own day in Philadelphia – August 7, 2002

Abbey Road’s cover photo is taken – August 8, 1969

As iconic blues singer Bessie Smith had been buried without a headstone after her death, big fan of Smith Janis Joplin purchases one for the late vocalist. A touching gesture from the amazing Janis Joplin – August 8, 1970

Eric Clapton’s “461 Ocean Boulevard” earns him a Gold record – August 8, 1974

Robert Zimmerman legally changes his name to Bob Dylan – August 9, 1962

For the first time ever, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez play live together. The momentous occasion occurred at the Newport Folk Festival. The song chosen for the duet was “With God on Our Side”. A match made in musical heaven if ever there was one – August 9, 1964

Blues in the White House!

Blues in the White House! Muddy Waters performs for President Carter’s administration. Muddy Waters, true American greatness – August 9, 1978

Queen gives their last performance as a band with Freddy Mercury at the Knebworth Park Festival in England. Mercury was a tragic loss for music.- August 9, 1986

KISS reunites! The occasion is an episode of MTV Unplugged. The original lineup of KISS had not played together since 1980, 15 years prior. The show is performed without makeup and went so swimmingly that the original lineup decided to keep going as a band. New members Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer, consequently, are forced out – August 9, 1995

Elton John makes history by playing a ten-night run of concerts at Madison Square Garden – August 10, 1976

The High Numbers, who later became The Who, played a show in Harrow, England when Roger Daltrey’s father-in-law stormed into the venue. He dragged Daltrey outside and the two began to fight. Meanwhile, the show must go on, so the band plays without Daltrey until the fight was broken up and Roger could return – August 11, 1964

Keith Moon goes to the hospital. He had sustained injuries while trashing his room at The Fountainbleu Hotel. Being a rock star is hard and dangerous work –  August 11, 1976

Led Zeppelin play their final UK show ever at the Knebworth House. Though many people still call for a Led Zeppelin reunion with the three surviving members – August 11, 1979

Johnny Cash duets with Miss Piggy on The Muppet Show. They played “Jackson”. June Carter was probably pretty jealous – August 11, 1980

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