Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – American Rock

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown is a rock and roll band that forms in Nashville Tennessee in 2009. When it comes to their performances, you’re really not sure what you’re going to get when you see them live, but I can guarantee you’re in for a good time! With a wide variety of rock infused blues that teeters on the edge of alternative and classic rock! 


Their over the top performances leaves the fans wanting more, while leaving everything they got left on the stage. Their music is raw and rambunctious, with quality musicianship from each of the band members. But before we can talk about how great they are as a band, you need to check out their stories. There is a reason why this band is creating such a buzz and collecting fans along the way.


How The Band Came to Be

Tyler Bryant wanted to learn guitar so his parents went to a local guitar shop in Paris, Texas and while he got the guitar, while hanging out in the guitar store, an older gentlemen is playing the blues. Furthermore, he asked Bryant if he liked the blues and Bryant responds that he doesn’t know the blues. The older gentlemen tells the kid that he will teach him. Bryant ends up taking lessons from him, which leads him to rock, and other genres.


When he turns fifteen they start a band called the “Blues Buddies.”, they even got gigs as the opening act for the likes of Paul Simon and others. At seventeen, he quits school, moves to Nashville, gets noticed and talks his way into the local music scene and bullshitting his way into getting gigs. It worked because he got plenty of gigs this way including opening for Jeff Beck. Shortly after he meets drummer Caleb Crosby and starts performing locally around Nashville. Calling themselves “The Shakedown” after that, they meet Graham Whitford, (son of Brad -Aerosmith), a rocker kid from Boston.



As soon as Tyler heard Graham play, he asks him to join the band and move to Nashville right away. When push comes to shove, they manage to open for the likes of Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, ZZ Top, along with B.B. King. But wait! There’s more… Their song, “House on Fire,” is featured an episode of “Sons of Anarchy” – “The Mad King” in 2013 which really gives the band a lot of attention! Finally In 2014, Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown get a deal with Republic Records, to record a full album with the group.


Success, Changes and More!

Currently, the group is still performing and already have four successful albums under their belt. Plus, they continue to tour quite often opening for bands as well as doing rock festivals. Over time there has been some line-up changes but the current members are Tyler Bryant (lead guitar & vocals), Graham Whitford (rhythm guitar), Ryan Fitzgerald (bass), and Caleb Crosby (drums). 


For fans of Larkin Poe, Bryant’s wife – Rebecca Lovell along with Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke are guest musicians on their album “Pressure.” To find out more on what’s going on with the band, be sure to check out their social media sites as well as their web-site for the latest news: http://www.tylerbryantandtheshakedown.com/



Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown – Mojo Workin’ (Live From Sputnik), Jessica Isom- Couldn’t See The Fire: Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Devil’s Keep (Live From Sputnik Sound Studios), RawBeanz57 – Tyler Bryant & Shakedown – Ride

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